Thursday, 11 June 2009

First blog (ii) My creative space

Okay, here I go again with the whole blog thing, the first one I set up used the name 'Beau Nasty' which is eighteenth century slang meaning 'well-dressed but dirty' I totally loved it, however, when I googled it I discovered it was the name of some obscure rock band who are probably great but I don't think it sends out the kind of vibes I was hoping for when I set up the blog. Hence this new attempt, 'Dances For Pies' it sends out the right vibes -you know... dancing.... pies...Mmmmm.
Hopefully this blog will be a little space into wh
ich I can put all the cute fabulousness and spotty wonderessness(I really don't think that's a word) that I come across. This will be a place of creativity, ribbon, flamingos, buttons, poetry and numerous other life enhancing stuff. Good grief I nearly left out chocolate and wine!
The picture is an image from 'Goddesses and Others : Yevonde a Portrait
' by Kate Salway.

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