Friday, 19 June 2009

Playing Card Box

This is how I made the playing card box. I saw it in a book whilst browsing in Waterstones bookshop, can't remember the title or whether I've remembered the method correctly, but I think they're cute nonetheless.

1) Start with two playing cards, place one on top of the other. Fold bottom card up and over the top card.
2) Fold the other end over.
3)Swap bottom card with top card, fold as in steps 1+2.
4)Now pull both cards apart. Slot one fold of a card between the two folds of the other card. Then holding that in place try and slot the remaining fold between the top two folds. This is a bit fiddly but once it pops in you have two cards cuddling each other very tightly. See picture 5
5)Make another.
6)Using a single card, fold in middle, slot between the two you've already made and Bob's your Auntie - a corner.
7) Keep going until you have enough for your box. I cut a small slit in the top card and fixed a bit of ribbon as a handle.

Send us a picture if you make one. I love the idea of using a pack of those naughty 70s playing cards - or maybe thats a bit too outrageous. Have fun. Hope the instructions make sense.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

My Creative Space

I love the idea of My Creative Space, I tried to do it last Thursday and got as far as taking the above photograph, which contains a stripey knitted jumper (now finished picture coming soon), a small box made out of playing cards - more of that later, a vintage childs Simplicity pattern from which I am making a pair of elasticated knickers with a bib and straps( I made the little shirt a couple of weeks ago), and a pink and white granny square - thanks to Gemma at Gemmipop Designs for initiating me into the Church of the Seventh Day Granny Squareists (all who worship there, will be seated in heaven at the right hand side of God on a really comfy sofa wrapped up in a granny square blanket). I'm not sure where the granny squaring will take me but Gemma's blanket, as seen on her blog and (omg) Meet Me At Mikes, is very inspiring.
Anyway it is now THIS Thursday and here is my space:
Here is my little jumper finally finished, and here is a close up of the little bug buttons that I bought in Liberty Bell a quilting shop in Chester:
Check out the little gingerbread couple. Not sure what they will end up on yet.
I will at some point put on a couple of pictures showing how to make the playing card box, it's very easy and a great way to use up packs that have become incomplete.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

First blog (ii) My creative space

Okay, here I go again with the whole blog thing, the first one I set up used the name 'Beau Nasty' which is eighteenth century slang meaning 'well-dressed but dirty' I totally loved it, however, when I googled it I discovered it was the name of some obscure rock band who are probably great but I don't think it sends out the kind of vibes I was hoping for when I set up the blog. Hence this new attempt, 'Dances For Pies' it sends out the right vibes -you know... dancing.... pies...Mmmmm.
Hopefully this blog will be a little space into wh
ich I can put all the cute fabulousness and spotty wonderessness(I really don't think that's a word) that I come across. This will be a place of creativity, ribbon, flamingos, buttons, poetry and numerous other life enhancing stuff. Good grief I nearly left out chocolate and wine!
The picture is an image from 'Goddesses and Others : Yevonde a Portrait
' by Kate Salway.